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Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is such an important part of your wedding plans. This person will be in charge of capturing all the beautiful moments of your big day to give you both life long memories you can treasure forever.

Here are 5 great tips you will want to remember when making your decision:


Do you like the photographers style? Ask to see a few complete wedding albums to get an idea of their style, is it classic, modern, arty etc. What do you want your wedding album to show? Is the photographer prepared to work with you to meet your requirements? Are their photographs pleasing to look at, do they capture emotion, is the lighting flattering and professional? You need to be sure the photographers style of work is exactly what you are looking for to ensure you're not disappointed with the end result. Your wedding pictures should not only represent their style but also express the style of you and your partner.


You need to know your photographer is capable of getting the best pictures possible of your special day. Someone that is able to interact with your guests and make them feel comfortable. They need to be confident and preferably have a sense of humour to help you all feel relaxed on the big day. Try to meet your photographer before the wedding to get a feel of chemistry. If you don't get the chance to meet them, try to read testimonials from other couples that might give you an insight to their personality.


Try to put together a check list with your photographer before the big day of exactly what sort of pictures you want to obtain. This includes pictures of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, ushers, family, group photos and all your friends. Remember, some of your guests may have travelled a long way to be at your wedding, so try not to forget anyone in the pictures. Location of the pictures is also important. If there is a particular part of the venue that you think will look great in the photos, discuss this before hand but also consider the weather on the day if the location is outside. Will your photographer be taking pictures of the whole day including behind the scenes, ceremony, and reception. Black and white pictures can look stunning on you wedding day so if this is something you wish to include, be sure to let the photographer know beforehand. You and your photographer need to both know your needs and requirements for the wedding day.


How much experience has your photographer got when it comes to weddings? You will want to be sure they know all the details of what to look for for when creating wedding memories. An experienced photographer will know what pictures to obtain to ensure the best parts of the whole days events are captured . The type of equipment the photographer uses will also show their experience. Do they use different lenses, proper lighting and back up equipment for the day? Will the photographer be using an assistant? If so, be sure to check you are happy with their experience also.


Obviously you will have a budget for your photographer but make sure it is realistic. You may need to obtain at least 3 quotes to get a good idea of how much a good photographer is going to cost. Make sure your photographer is upfront about all their charges including their rate for the day, picture costs, albums, DVD's, etc. This will ensure their are no surprise costs when it comes to collecting your pictures. Try to get everything in writing so there is no chance of any miss-understandings. Some photographers do not charge on the day and many are willing to travel at their own cost which is great for destination weddings. Others will include albums for mother of the brides or a DVD slideshow so make sure you have in mind the exact final products you desire.

Remember, after your big day, your photographs will be the lasting memories of your wedding. Be sure they are one's you will want to look at and cherish for the rest of your lives...

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