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To Have Your Cake and Eat It

Choosing a wedding cake is one of the things in planning your wedding that the groom usually likes some input.  When picturing a wedding cake, traditionally, you might picture two or three tiers, gorgeous white icing, and usually a topper of a bride and groom.  However, these days the wedding cakes are getting more original.  Chocolate fingers, individual cup cakes and even novelty cakes!!!

So which wedding cake is best for you…..?

First of all is what type of cake would you like, vanilla, chocolate, fruit, sponge?  What frosting would you like?  Traditionally white icing is used but you might like something different.  Toppers are a great way to get creative.  Flowers are very popular, but some couples opt for fruit, doves, hearts, or even Disney characters.  A traditional bride and groom atop of the cake may be your choice and why not jazz it up by customising them to look like you.  ‘Atop of the Tier has a great range of customised toppers .  Definitely taste the cake before you decide, wedding fairs are a great way to do this.  Most suppliers will have a portfolio for you to browse through too which can give you a good insight to the amount of choice you actually have.


The cake is a big part of your wedding, guests will expect you to cut the cake and lots of pictures will be taken focussing on the cake.  There should be enough for all your guests to have a slice and some couples like to send cake to the guests that could not attend.  Sometimes the bride and groom share the first piece in front of the guests symbolising the future they will share together.  Traditionally the top tier of the cake would be kept for the christening of the couple’s first child but now couple’s save it until their first anniversary. 

A few questions to ask the baker:

You may want to check when they will bake the cake prior to the big day.  Icing should not be done more than 2 days in advance to ensure freshness. 

Will they deliver the cake to the venue and set it up?

Are there any additional charges?  They may wish to take a deposit or even ask for the pillars or columns that were used to be returned to them.

How soon will you have to order the cake?

Make sure everything is written down to avoid confusion later, number of tiers, which flavours, the decorations etc.

Chocolate Fountains!

If you feel a cake is not for you and want something a bit different, Chocolate Fountains are difinately the way to go.  They make a great attraction on your wedding day and are lots of fun for the guests.  They look fabulous when they're set up and the chocolate is flowing and can become a real vocus point during your reception.

You can choose which chocolate you would like whether it be dark, milk, white or even cappuccino flavour and there are a great variety of dippers including, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, marshmallows, mini doughnuts, profiteroles,  flapjack and lots more.  Most companies will set up the fountain on the day and have 1 or 2 operators to stay during the reception so they can make sure nothing goes wrong and everything is topped up throughout the night.  Plus, the chocolate and dippers are usually unlimited...

Which ever cake you decide on for your wedding, make sure you have fun choosing it! 

View our directory of cake suppliers now .

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