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What enclosures should you include with your Wedding Invitations by Mike Smith Paper Themes - Bespoke Wedding Stationery

After sending 'save the date' cards to the prospective guests of your wedding, you will then be in a position to formally invite them to your big day. This means finally sending out your wedding invitations, which you have no doubt already put a lot of thought into choosing their design.

Traditionally, these are sent out three months prior to the date of the wedding; however, brides have recently started to send them anything up-to five months before the wedding date.

The enclosures you include with your wedding invitation are as important as the invitation itself. Here's a guide to what you may want to include with your invitations.

Direction Cards

An ever-present enclosure with wedding invitations is direction cards, which details how the guests can find the wedding location, as well as giving them an idea as to where they can park their car.

Depending on how many locations your wedding will take place, you may need to include more than one direction card.

It is not unheard of for brides to tailor the direction cards to each individual guest. For example, those travelling long distance will need more details than those who only have a short distance to travel.

Response Cards

Arguably the most important part of the wedding invitation (pragmatically speaking anyway) is the response cards. Receiving a response from the guests give the couple a concrete idea as to the exact numbers they need to cater for.

This means they can go on to start making firm arrangements such as seating and catering plans. People tend to go to extreme lengths to attend weddings; however, this isn't to say some of your hopefuls won't be able to attend.

The Menu

It is becoming increasingly popular for the couple to enclose a menu for the reception and request for the invitee to let them know what they want to eat. Again, this allows for the caterers to prepare the exact quantities of food they require whilst making sure everybody enjoys their meal.

Gift Cards

Most couple's these days like to send gift request cards in their invitations. Traditionally, relatives and friends bought household items, as the married couple usually moved in together after the wedding.

Nowadays, the bride and groom tend to register for gifts or vouchers from a particular store or even ask for money or currency towards their honeymoon.

Your wedding invitations are a great way to get creative, as they are the first thing guests see regarding your big day. We have a great range of stationery companies on our directory including Paper Themes.

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